FCC PSHSB 17-344 How to Do an "EXPRESS" REPLY comment, Step by Step, ends 2/21/2018



DO NOT click the "back" arrow on your browser during this work, or all your work will be lost. FINISH your comment, and finish the filing before doing anything else with your computer. This process is spelled out below step by step, and will take about 15 minutes to file. But first, you have to organize your thoughts.

Enter into your NEW browser tab the following url:

Please read: FCC PSHSB 17-344: ARRL/Winlink comments at FCC Puerto Rico Hearings on this website. You should be filing a "REPLY" comment to the ARRL comment. You can also "REPLY" to the Waterman comment.

You should be responding to the FCC question: "To what extent were response efforts facilitated by amateur radio operators? Going forward, should efforts be made to increase the use of amateur radio services in connection with the planning, testing and provision of emergency response and recovery communications?" Answer this question. That is the ONLY thing the FCC and Homeland Security want to hear. The ARRL and Waterman comments ask for immediate WT 16-239 enactment supposedly to "increase the use of amateur radio services", to bypass our previous dissenting comments on WT 16-239. That is how our work became necessary in the first place.

At the top of your filing be CERTAIN you have "REPLY COMMENTS TO ARRL ON PSHSB 17-344". You must use this heading specifically!

IMPORTANT: Use polite respectful language that is brief and to the point. You are addressing the FCC here, not the filer. State why enacting WT 16-239 would NOT "increase the use of amateur radio services". It would cause interference and congestion that would decrease effectiveness of amateur communication.

At the end of the filing, state your name, CALLSIGN (THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT), and if you are an ARRL member and if so, for how long. This identifies you as an amateur radio licensee with a legitimate interest in the filing.

If you are filing comments based on your personal experience in Puerto Rico, show how that idea "increases the use of amateur radio services" to serve the public interest. Do not just rant about ARRL by laws or code of conduct. The FCC cannot do anything about that, and it will not be helpful to vent that here, as it is a public record which may be seen by the press. Yes, it IS important. Use your comments on that in the appropriate forum. Other comments on how to improve the value of the amateur service will be welcome. If the ARRL got in the way of getting the job done, and you have FACTS to support that, OK.

Once you have your thoughts completely organized, you are ready to file a REPLY comment on 17-344. You can do this on a piece of scratch paper with an outline to enter an express comment, or generate a .txt file with your word processor and cut and paste it into the window in the form later. But do not start this FCC page up until your comments are completely ready. You will be typing LIVE into the FCC data base.

STEP 2. GO TO THE FCC WEB PAGE AND SELECT EXPRESS COMMENT STYLE. https://ecfsapi.fcc.gov/file/10122279117760/2018%20January%20FINAL%20Comments%20PS%20Docket%2017-344.pdf.

Look along the UPPER LEFT hand side of the page. Find the box underneath FILTERS.

On the bottom of that box, there are two blue texts: "+ New Filing" and "+ Express".

CLICK on "+ Express".

Automatically, it will take you to a form to enter your contact information and express comment.

STEP 3. FILE REPLY COMMENT ON THE CORRECT FCC PROCEEDING.Now you should see a form titled "ECFS Express". The form should have at the top, in the first box, in YELLOW, "17-344". This method makes sure you are filing in the correct FCC rule making proceeding. If that is OK, move down to step 4.

STEP 4. ENTER YOUR NAME. Enter YOUR NAME in the "NAME OF FILER" area. VERY IMPORTANT: PRESS ENTER KEY, AFTER EACH ITEM YOU ENTER IN THIS PART OF THE PROCESS! Your name is now entered in yellow highlight as before. This indicates the system accepted that entry, and you can go to the next step.

STEP 5. ENTER YOUR EMAIL."Primary Contact email" enter your email exactly as "yours@email.com" or .net, whatever your full email address is.

Your email will NOT be entered in public record, but it can be used by the FCC to contact you to verify your filing has been accepted. This one will not turn yellow and you no longer have to press enter. Just click on the next item down in the form.

STEP 6. ENTER YOUR STREET ADDRESS. Click in the Address window. Your cursor should be at the beginning of the blank area for address. Type your street address there. Use Number, street, apartment format. You MUST enter a STREET address to file, it is a required field. That address will appear in the FCC data base. Not to worry. Your amateur license also lists that. If you use your call sign, people can track you that way. This is a public record.

DO NOT CLICK the "international" checkbox.

STEP 7. ENTER YOUR CITY. CLICK in CITY BOX to position your blinking cursor there. Type in your city.

STEP 8. ENTER YOUR STATE IN THE STATE BOX. and CLICK in the open area. A list will drop down. Scroll to your state. CLICK on your state. The form now should have your state.

STEP 9. ENTER YOUR ZIP CODE IN THE ZIP BOX. Type in your zip code, 5 digits.

STEP 10. CHECK YOUR WORK. First be sure all blank areas on the form which have a "*" are filled in. The FCC system will NOT accept any filings that do not have that information.

STEP 11. ENTER YOUR COMMENTS. A small box labeled "Brief Comments" will on the screen below all your work. This is where you put: "REPLY COMMENTS TO ARRL ON PSHSB 17-344". Very important: "REPLY" comments. You cannot go off on some other issue that is not relevant to what has already been filed.

Simply type all you want to say right there in the box. This form is for short comments stating you agree or disagree with the stated filing by ARRL, or others. You can type in a reason why the ARRL was incorrect, or what better solution you recommend, such as segregating the CW/DATA band segment into a 500 Hz band width area, where there is no ACDS ROBOT operation, and a separate segment higher in frequency to contain wider band width ACDS operation, just below the VOICE/IMAGE segment.

Here are some suggestions for what to put in your filing:

  • Ask the FCC to DISMISS EXISTING RM-11708 and FCC WT 16-239.
  • If you are able to provide factual personal experience (not "hearsay" that you heard from someone else), please add it to your comments, as did others who were in Puerto Rico at the time.
  • DO NOT do anything that minimizes the great work individual hams did in Puerto Rico or anywhere else. Simply state the facts, as gathered from public records or first hand accounts. Show the ARRL statement; then put the contradicting evidence next to it and compare.
  • BE FACTUAL, CIVIL, BUSINESSLIKE, AND CONCISE. Remember, your comments will be available on line for a very long time. Be constructive and positive.

When you are finished typing your comment, sign it with your name and CALL SIGN, and note whether you are an ARRL member. This tells the FCC that you are an actual amateur radio operator.

STEP 12. CLICK ON THE CHECKBOX "EMAIL CONFIRMATION". You will receive an email confirmation that your filing has been accepted in only minutes. That is why you entered your email earlier. Your email will not be shared for any other purpose. NO SPAM will happen. Your filing will appear on the FCC site within a couple days.


STEP 14. CLICK ON "CONTINUE TO REVIEW SCREEN". Don't worry, if you failed to enter any info where there was a * indicating required information, this is where the FCC will catch it. You can fix it up and still be OK. Just follow the procedure.

STEP 15. If all is well, you will be asked to confirm that everything is correct, and you can click on SUBMIT BUTTON and it will all go to the FCC.

STEP 16. It will take a moment, but you will eventually get a third screen, confirming it has been accepted into the ECFS. You will have a confirmation number in that window. If you save that number, you can track your filing. Print this page, if you want to.

VERY IMPORTANT! WAIT! Do NOT file repeated duplicates of your filing. IF you do not WAIT as directed, but keep repeatedly clicking on SUBMIT, multiple filings will result.

The FCC will also send you a "confirming acceptance" email if you checked the box I told you to mark.

If you immediately check the FCC website, your comment WILL NOT BE THERE right away. Your filing will appear on the FCC site within a couple business days. THANK YOU FOR FILING A REPLY COMMENT!

73, Janis AB2RA

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